Paul Previte - Fort Worth Attorney

I have worked as the chief prosecutor for 16 cities in North Texas. Although I am not able to influence improperly or upon irrelevant grounds any tribunal, legislative body or public official, I have extensive experience trying traffic related offenses and questioning police officers. Most arrests start with a seemingly innocent traffic stop. If we can prove the stop was illegal, you win your case. Additionally, I have experience from the prosecution’s point of view, and I know what police officers say behind the scenes.

If you are charged with DWI, I am trained and certified to administer the Field Sobriety Tests (roadside tests consisting of HGN, Walk and Turn, and One-Leg Stand). As a result, I can examine the test procedure and scoring the officer will rely on to justify your arrest for DWI.


If I can prove the Officer tested you incorrectly or scored your test incorrectly, you win your DWI case.

I handle each case personally. Nothing is worse than showing up expecting (and paying) to see your doctor and getting stuck with the “nurse practitioner” instead. You are paying your hard-earned money to an attorney and you should get who you have paid for, not some young associate who is still wet behind the ears.

I am licensed to practice law in Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania and New York, and I have handled cases for clients in all of those jurisdictions. I have experience with many areas of the law including criminal law, tort law, contract law, municipal law, and real estate law. You never know which issues will come up during a trial, so having an attorney who is versatile can be the difference between “Guilty” and “Not Guilty.”

I believe in excellent customer service. I return all phone calls, and I try to return all phone calls the same day. Obviously, my schedule will dictate my availability to return your calls, but I will return them as soon as I can. The number one complaint clients have about attorneys is that they do not return calls and do not keep their clients informed. I will return your calls and I will make myself available to meet with you whenever you have questions about your case. If you are my client then you are my top priority.

I am good with people. Trials are not all about the “law.” To a great extent your attorney must be able to relate to those who will sit in judgment of your case and must sell them the case for your innocence. As a prosecutor I try several cases to juries each month and have experience dealing with jurors as a group and individually. The last thing you want is an attorney that the jury will find irritating, condescending, rude, or pompous. If you do not like your attorney, chances are nobody else will either. You already have one strike against you because you have been charged with violating the law; do not compound your problems with a lackluster attorney.

I am aggressive. As a former college hockey player, I know that preparation, will and aggression go a long way in any contest. I do not like to lose and believe that preparation is the key to success. Therefore, I believe in going on the offensive. The District Attorneys have more cases then they know what to do with. Like most people they will tend to take the easy way out if they can. If they know you are willing and able to fight, they may look to an easier target. I let them know we intend to fight, not play dead.

I will take your case to trial if necessary. Believe it or not, some attorneys are afraid to go to trial. I am not one of those attorneys. With so much at stake, trial is often a better option than you think.

I will make sure you understand the facts and consequences of going to trial or taking a plea before we proceed. I conduct a full and thorough initial interview with you which will not end until your questions have been answered. During this interview, I will uncover the basic facts of the case and obtain other information from you that may be important to a solid defense. Once we have the facts in hand, together we can decide if trial or a plea is best for your situation.

I do not believe in hidden charges. My fees are reasonable and I will work with you if you need to make payment arrangements. If an expert witness is recommended, I will let you know that up front so you can plan accordingly. The truth is that the costs involved will vary depending on your individual circumstance.