Fort Worth Elderly Abuse/Neglect Lawyer

Do you have a loved one that has suffered because of elderly abuse or neglect? You may be entitled to compensation. Give me a call today to discuss your circumstances and find out if you have a case. Getting an experienced elderly abuse / neglect attorney in Fort Worth can make all the difference.

Elderly abuse is a wide-ranging term that covers a variety of cases, the common element being that an elderly individual, often physically or mentally handicapped (and thus vulnerable), is exploited, injured, neglected, or abandoned by trusted caretakers, such as staff at a nursing home or even a spouse, relative or friend.

Your Go-to Attorney for Elderly Abuse

The motivation behind the abuse depends on the nature of the abuse and the relationship between the victim and abuser, but generally the abuse is caused by cruelty, exploitation, or negligence. Elderly abuse may occur when your loved one is dependent upon another party for their care and well-being. If you think you might need an elderly abuse lawyer in Fort Worth, Paul Previte is the man to call. 

Elder abuse generally takes place between the victim and caregiver, whether at home from a child, in-home nurse, or caretaker, or at a nursing home from the staff. Those who abuse the elderly generally take advantage of the victim through the victim’s inability to defend themselves (physically compromised) or through the inability of the victim to reason (due to mental degradation, perhaps from a disease like Alzheimer’s).

  • Common points of abuse and exploitation include:
  • Physical abuse (hitting, punching, kicking, etc.)
  • Financial exploitation (usually through coercion, manipulation, or deception)
  • Neglect (failing to provide comfort, food, water, heat, etc.)
  • Psychological abuse (humiliation, verbal harassment)
  • Abandonment (deserting the dependent person in a place that endangers their welfare)

If you are seeking to pursue a claim in Fort Worth against elderly abuse or neglect, getting attorney representation by a competent attorney such as myself can make all the difference. Give me a call today to discuss the circumstances and possible legal courses that may be open to you.