Fort Worth First DWI Offense Lawyer

Getting arrested for anything is a serious matter. Being arrested for a first time DWI offense needs to be treated very seriously. Many people make the mistake of not taking action because of the fact that it’s a first time offense. A DWI is not the same as a minor traffic violation. You should treat it seriously, but, if you don’t, you could end up with a criminal record or worse. Having a criminal record can affect your ability to get a job, get licensed for a particular type of work, and so on.

One thing is for sure – if you don’t do anything at all, then you can expect prosecutors to convict you of a DWI. You should retain the services of a seasoned First DWI Offense Lawyer in Fort Worth, TX. You do have options. I have been helping people with first-time DWI charges as a Fort Worth attorney since 1994.

First Time DWI Charge Options:

  • Reduction in Fines or Charges
  • We can help you get a work license (occupational license) if you lose yours
  • Avoid Jail Time or Probation
  • Complete Dismissal of the Charges

Experienced Attorney

There is a lot more to the process and if done by a seasoned DWI Lawyer it can help save you from many unforeseen headaches. Additionally, time is of the essence. There are time limits on response to first-time DWI charges. You need to speak with a Fort Worth attorney quickly after the offense occurs. You need proper support and representation upon a first-time DWI offense. If you have been charged with a First Offense DWI in the Fort Worth and need a lawyer, then call The Law Office of Paul Previte today.

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