Informed Consent Lawyer Fort Worth

Rod of AsclepiusInformed consent is the medical practice of obtaining permission from a patient before performing any medical procedure, intervention, or treatment. This permission should only be received after the full details of the procedure, intervention, or treatment are disclosed to the patient, including the possible complication, side effects, and risks, as well as the possible complications and risks associated with refusal of said procedure, intervention, or treatment. If you think you need an informed consent case lawyer in Fort Worth, call me and let’s discuss your situation. Getting an experienced personal injury attorney for informed consent claims can make all the difference.

Malpractice Informed Consent Attorney

Furthermore, for a patient to give informed consent, they must be sound of mind. This means that they must be emotionally and mentally mature, conscious, under no emotional or mental duress, and under no intoxicants that would alter or impair their ability to make a decision. If this is not the case, then you could use the services of an informed consent attorney in Fort Worth to help you file a claim

Certain patients are generally unable to provide informed consent for themselves, such as minors, patients who suffer severe mental retardation, or those in a coma, among others.

A Fort Worth informed consent personal injury case stems from some failure on the part of the medical provider to obtain a valid form of consent from the patient. Such cases include totally circumventing consent from the patient and performing a procedure without permission, providing false information or omitting critical facts that influenced the decision, or obtaining consent from a person not authorized to grant permission on behalf of the patient.