Fort Worth License Suspension Lawyer

In Fort Worth and the rest of Tarrant County, when you are charged with a DWI you may only have 15 days from the date of the offense to request a hearing to fight your driver’s license suspension. I you need a license suspension lawyer in Fort Worth, call the law offices of Paul Previte today.

If you fail or refuse a breath or blood test, the state may initiate a civil proceeding against the Charged called an Administrative License Revocation or ALR. An ALR is issued against the Charged Driver when he or she fails a Breath or Blood test or refuses to take either because these actions fall under the concept of Implied Consent in Texas.

DWI License Suspension Cases

You can fight a license suspension just like you can fight the Tarrant County DWI Charge. Do not assume that just because the Fort Worth arresting officer took your driver’s license that there are no options to get you back in your car. Other options are a temporary driving permit or an Occupational License for work related driving. As we say there are always potential options and we will always search for a way to win. I cannot guarantee that you will win your case but I can guarantee that if you don’t try to defend yourself and enter a plea of guilty then you will be convicted of the charges against you, so give the Law Office of Paul Previte a call today for a license suspension Lawyer in Fort Worth.

It’s important to act within 15 days so that you have time to request a hearing as well as to have time to compile the necessary facts for the case. Give me a call today so that we can discuss the best options for your license suspension case attorney in Fort Worth.