Fort Worth Non-Alcohol DWI Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you have not been drinking alcohol because if the responding officer thinks that you may be impaired in any way then he or she can charge you with a DWI. You can simply be taking medication prescribed by a Doctor and still be charged with a DWI Offense. If you’re facing a non-alcohol-related DWI offense in Fort Worth, call an attorney that has experience in DWI cases. Call me right away!

No-Alcohol DWI? No-Problem!

Don’t think that just because you were charged while under the influence of a Drug that was prescribed by Doctor’s Orders that you will automatically beat the charges. In fact, you need to treat these charges just as seriously. It is against the Texas State Law to drive a car while impaired in any way. You can be convicted of these charges and have a criminal record placed against you with possible jail time and license revocation just like an Alcohol related DWI charge.

Remember, the Burden of Proof is on the Government to convict you of a charge. It is in your best interest to obtain the services of a seasoned Fort Worth Attorney for non-alcohol-related DWI offense charges so that you can have the best defense possible. We can also help if this is your first DWI charge!

Call us today and we will discuss your options.

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