Fort Worth Occupational Driver’s License

An occupational or Essential Needs Driver’s license can be applied for though it has become increasingly difficult. This is where a Judge can order the Department of Public Safety to allow you to drive a certain number of hours per day even though you may have been subjected to a Driver’s License Suspension in Fort Worth, Texas or Tarrant County area. It is possible that a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer can help you keep some driving privileges by requesting an Occupational License that would stay in effect throughout the duration of your DWI License Suspension. If you require occupational driver license in Fort Worth for work, I may be able to help you.

Occupational Driver’s License Attorney

Every situation is different but currently the maximum amount of time allowed is 12-hours a day but the Judge very well may restrict the total amount of time allowed for driving and the time frames during the day in which you could drive your car. Additionally you are required to disclose to the court which activities that you will need the use of your car for. The judge may or may not allow you to use the car for all of the requested activities depending on what he or she deems necessary.

If you are able to obtain an Occupational Driver’s License in Fort Worth, I will tell you that it is not the same 24/7 freedom to drive that you once enjoyed (there will be restrictions). I have experience in helping my clients obtain an Occupational or Essential Licenses. Give me a call today so that we can discuss your options.