Criminal Mischief Lawyer

Handcuffed SuspectCriminal mischief generally applies to cases of arson, vandalism, or any other act that defaces, damages, or destroys another person’s property. If you’ve been charged with arson, vandalism, or another criminal mischief offense in Fort Worth, getting attorney representation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between guilty and not guilty.

The property is defined as belonging to another if it is an item that belongs wholly to another person or even if it is your item, but another person or entity has a stake in the property. For example, if you were to destroy something in your home, if your spouse had an interest or partial ownership in that item, it could be considered a crime.

Examples of criminal mischief are wide-ranging, but include such actions as:

  • Setting fire to a building
  • Setting fire to a vehicle
  • Slashing the tires of a car or truck
  • Breaking the windows of a business
  • Graffiti on property without permission

Competent Legal Defense

If you’ve been charged with criminal mischief and need a competent defense attorney to fight for your interests, contact The Law Office of Paul Previte to confidentially discuss your circumstances and to explore your options with an experienced Fort Worth defense lawyer for criminal mischief offenses.