Expungement Lawyer

Innocent or Guilty, the mere fact that you have been arrested will tarnish your good name. Even if the case has been dismissed, friends, relatives, and potential employers will be able to see that you have been arrested. Often, the mere fact that you have been arrested calls your integrity into question, but it does not have to. The law provides remedies to those who have been found “Not Guilty” and for those who have had their cases dismissed. Call me immediately to get the process started. If you are seeking an experienced lawyer for expungement in Fort Worth then give me a call.


Contrary to popular belief, having a case dismissed – either outright or after the successful completion of deferred adjudication probation – does not “keep your record clean.”

Your record will always show that you were arrested and how the case was dismissed, unless you take the steps necessary to erase or hid all evidence of your case from public view i.e. expungement aka expunction.

Expunction Attorney

Generally in Fort Worth, you will be required to file a legal pleading requesting the court to expunge or hide the case, and this requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. I have a lot of experience with the Expungement of Records in Fort Worth. Call me immediately to find out how to get started.

Clear your record in Fort Worth with an expungement / expunction by an attorney who has experience. An expungement will potentially clean your record of past offenses or charges. Call me to today for an expunction attorney in Fort Worth that you can count on!