First Time Drug Offense Lawyer

If you have just been arrested for any drug charge, you have found yourself in frightening and unchartered waters. You may be wondering what effect this arrest will have on your life or wondering if you will be going to jail. I can help. Contact me immediately.

My Goal is to get your case dismissed and to keep your record clean. When you are competing for a job against others who are equally qualified, you simply cannot afford to have anything on your record that can tip the scale in their favor. I am an experienced lawyer helping with first-time drug offenses in Fort Worth. I want to help high school and college students at TCU, UTA, TCC, SMU and UNT keep their records clean. You have worked hard, so protect your good name. I have the experience to guide you through this process. Call me immediately.

Trusted Fort Worth Attorney

If you are convicted of a drug related charge, in addition to a criminal record, you will lose your license. Don’t let this happen without a fight. Often marijuana and other drugs are found as the result of a routine traffic stop. I have tried hundreds of traffic cases, and I can assess the legality of the traffic stop during our initial meeting. Additionally, there may be constitutional and racial profiling arguments that can lead to the dismissal of you case. Let me assess your situation and start fighting immediately to minimize the damage.

Anyone can make a mistake. The key is to not let that mistake ruin the rest of your life. I handle first-time marijuana and drug arrests throughout North Texas, and I promise to fight hard to keep your good reputation and to keep your record clean. Call the Law Office of Paul Previte, your first-time drug offense lawyer in Fort Worth, today.

If you have been arrested for abuse of prescription drugs while driving a motor vehicle? This page offers some useful information