Murder/Manslaughter Defense

Manslaughter and murder are two of the gravest charges that a person can face. If you’re being accused or charged with either, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights.

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Because of the gravity of the charges, the stakes are as high as possible. Call me today for confidential legal consultation if you’re facing charges of manslaughter or murder in Fort Worth and need a lawyer. You need to talk with an experienced defense attorney concerning the charges against you.

Murder is one of the worst things that someone can be charged with, and carries with it significant penalties, including life in prison or, in extreme cases, even the death penalty. Being accused of or charged with murder is a frightening experience and it may seem like the odds are against you.

Murder is defined as causing harm to a person, whether premeditated or not, that results in the death of that person. With a competent defense team, there may be ways to beat the charges. Call me to discuss your situation and options if you need a lawyer for murder or manslaughter in Fort Worth.

Manslaughter is similar to murder, in that both involve the death of another human being, and though both are very serious, manslaughter is the lighter accusation. Manslaughter is invoked when a death occurs, but the person accused of causing the death did not willfully or intentionally cause the death, or caused the death through recklessness or negligence, not malice.

Such is generally the case with deaths that result from drunk driving or any circumstance whereby the control, judgment, or faculties of the person who caused the death are impaired beyond the ability to be held reasonably responsible for the willful or intentional killing of another person.

Voluntary manslaughter is the case if the victim died as a result of harm caused by the accused, but the accused did not have the intent to kill the victim.

Whatever your circumstances, if you’re facing charges of murder or manslaughter in Fort Worth, attorney Paul Previte has the experience to fight for you. Give me a call right away to discuss your situation and begin building a case to defend you.

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