Fort Worth Theft Crimes Lawyer

If you were arrested for a theft crime or other property-related charge in Tarrant County, I may be able to get your case dismissed. Although this type of charge is very serious, call today to discuss your recent theft crime charge. I am an experienced theft crimes lawyer in Fort Worth, and I may be able to get your case dismissed without you having to pay a fine or serve any time on probation.

Been Charged with Theft? We can help!

Employers and colleges generally check the criminal histories of applicants, and a conviction for theft can have a devastating effect on your future, so don’t hesitate to call Paul Previte today for a theft crimes lawyer in Fort Worth. Depending on the offense, your age, and prior criminal history, you may have options available to you that may result in the dismissal of your charges. I will fight hard to obtain a dismissal of your charges or keep your record clean. Because your criminal record is so important, please call me immediately to discuss the options for keeping your record clean.

There are several types of theft that you could be convicted of:

  • Fraud
  • Petit Theft
  • Larceny
  • Grand Theft

The kind of penalties that you may be facing depend mostly on how much and what kind of property you have stolen.

Call today to discuss your theft crime charge with me. I am a competent Fort Worth Theft Charges Defense Attorney, which is important to have on your side when facing theft charges. Don’t wait or I may not be able to help you.