Fort Worth Traffic Violations Defense

Picture of traffic at nightWe offer convenient, affordable and experienced Traffic Ticket Defense, “CLASS C” Misdemeanor Defense (including Assault, MIP, MIC, and Public Intoxication), and DWI Defense. If you were charged with a traffic violation in Fort Worth, a good lawyer is important. I am an experienced attorney and may be able to help you get your charges dropped.

Fort Worth Traffic Violation Dismissal


  • In most cases you will not be required to appear in court
  • Easy ticket submission – online, by phone or by fax
  • Consultation by phone or email
  • In most cases you will not be required to come to our office
  • Why miss work, school, or family time?


  • Attorney Fees (not including fine, court costs, or court fees) as low as $99
  • Free consultation by phone or email


  • Hundreds of traffic cases tried as a municipal prosecutor and defense attorney
  • Experienced DWI trial lawyer

I fight for an outcome that will result in the dismissal of your case. It is my goal to protect your driving privileges (including CDL privileges), prevent your insurance rates from rising, reduce the fine amounts/administrative fees, and/or prevent surcharges which can be as high as $250 per year. Minors charged with alcohol or tobacco related cases may have their license suspended upon conviction; accordingly it is our goal to avoid convictions in these cases. Traffic violations are serious. I am a competent Fort Worth Traffic Defense Attorney with years of experience, and can help you navigate the law in these types of situations. Give me a call right away for a traffic defense lawyer in Fort Worth.!