Fort Worth Prescription Drug DWI

Did you know that law does not view a DWI involving prescription drugs or narcotics any differently than a DWI involving alcohol? If you have been arrested for a prescription drug related DWI in Fort Worth and you need a lawyer then you need to treat it just as seriously as you would a DWI involving alcohol.

Premier Prescription DWI Attorney

Even if you have taken a Doctor’s written prescription that impairs your ability to drive a car in any way then you can still be charged with DWI. We handle cases from Doctor prescribed drugs, narcotics, marijuana to over the counter medications.

I pride myself in treating my clients the same way that I would a friend or family member. I believe that my attention to detail and experience in being a DWI Defense Attorney help to give my clients the service and defense that they deserve.

Give me a call today to get someone to deal with your case who is an experienced prescription. Attorney representation by a seasoned lawyer is very important in DWI cases. The Law Office of Paul Previte serves all of Tarrant County, so if you need a prescription drug DWI lawyer in Fort Worth, we are the people to call.

When you need are facing charges and need Prescription DWI Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, call an Attorney that is seasoned and competent in dealing with DWI cases.