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There are very few criminal charges as serious as murder or manslaughter, but if you have been charged with either of these crimes, the seriousness of the allegations may actually work in your favor. The U.S. Justice system was designed to ensure only those who are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt are convicted of a crime. This is why everyone has a right to an attorney. You deserve someone who is untainted by the prejudices of criminal accusations to investigate your case and help you defend yourself in court.

At the Law Office of Paul Previte, our clients work personally with an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer. Founding attorney Paul Previte personally handles every case the firm takes on. Using his experiences as a prosecutor for North Texas, he helps level the playing field for his clients as they go up against the district attorney.

Understanding Murder & Manslaughter Charges

Murder and manslaughter both carry serious penalties, but the dynamics of your case can drastically change depending on if you are charged with one or the other.

  • Murder- Murder charges take many forms, but the core accusation of all of them is that the defendant willfully ended the life of another person. Murder can been further classified as premeditated or not. Premediated is the more serious charge as it implies that the defendant took the time to consider the consequences of their actions before carrying them out.
  • Manslaughter – You can be charged with manslaughter if you unintentionally ended the life of another person, such as killing someone in a drunk driving accident. Given that the defendant did not willfully end the life of another person, the penalties for manslaughter are lighter, but can still result in over a year in prison in addition to heavy fines.

Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve to know and apply your rights when charged with either one of these crimes. Our Fort Worth criminal defense attorney can guide you through this difficult time and help you plan your next course of action. We believe in providing clients with honest feedback. With our firm, you can expect to go into court with a realistic idea of what to expect and how you can defend your name.

The earlier you start working with an attorney, the more thorough your defense will be. Call (817) 857-6307 to schedule an appointment at the Law Office of Paul Previte.

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