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How to Get an Arrest Removed From Your Record

Obtaining a “not guilty” verdict from a trial is a major relief, and while the worst is over, you still have one more step to take before you can put this incident behind you. Regardless of the outcome of your trial, the record of your arrest is not removed from your criminal record. While the record does include the outcome of your trial and whether or not the case was dismissed, many potential employers, home renters, or other people who can submit a background check on you will only focus on the fact that you were arrested. Thankfully, our Fort Worth expungement attorney can help you remove this incident from your record so that it never again interferes with your life.

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Concealment VS Expungement

There are two ways to remove an arrest from your record: Concealment or expungement.

In concealment, the details of your arrest will not be “erased” per se’, rather, the arrest will be concealed and can only be viewed by law enforcement. This record can still be used against you as prior offenses when determining penalties if you are convicted of a different crime. If you are unable to have your arrest expunged for whatever reason, concealment can prove to be a favorable alternative.

Expungement is a more permanent removal of the arrest, ensuring that no one, not even most law enforcement officials, can find the arrest in your record. There are very rare circumstances where an expunged record can be viewed. For example, if the arrest record becomes relevant evidence for another crime, the details of the arrest may be disclosed to select members of law enforcement.

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You will need to file a legal please requesting the court expunge or hide the case. Doing this alone can be tricky, as the forms involve complex legal terminology. There is no reason your arrest for a crime you did not commit should haunt you for the rest of your life. Let our experienced and knowledgeable Fort Worth expungement attorney help you erase this event from memory.

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