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Have you been bitten by a dog who was off leash or unrestrained on another person's property, leading to severe injuries? At the Law Office of Paul Previte, we are familiar with the dog bite laws in the state of Texas and can help you pursue compensation. Our firm believes in working with our client, not for our client. We provide honest and forthright updates on your case and want you to be involved in the process to ensure that we have the best chance of success.

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Effects of Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

A dog bite may sound trivial to anyone who had never been attacked by a truly vicious animal, but our team has seen enough of these injuries to know how serious they are. These types of injuries often require extensive medical care and some of the damage may be irreparable, such as in the case of nerve damage. The type and size of animal or dog greatly affect the severity of the injuries you may suffer.

Dog and animal attacks can cause:

  • Serious puncture wounds
  • Torn skin
  • Ligament or muscle damage
  • Infections

Determining Liability in Texas Dog Bite Accidents

One of the main elements in a dog bite case in Texas is proving liability, which means illustrating that the owner was responsible for the accident and injuries. We must be able to illustrate that the dog owner knew the dog had violent tendencies and that they behaved negligently in controlling their dog. For example, we may investigate to uncover evidence that the dog owner knew the dog had bitten several people in the past, yet walked them without a leash.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies & Recovering Compensation

If you were injured as a result of a dog or animal attack that occurred on another's property or as a result of owner negligence, we can help. We work to prove liability and negotiate with the insurance companies and responsible party to recover full damages for you and your family. You should never accept a settlement or take a cash offer from the animal's owner before consulting with a Fort Worth dog bite lawyer from our team.

We are here to help you work towards the full amount of compensation you need and deserve. Call us now at (817) 857-6307 to make an appointment.

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