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There are few things in this world as stressful as being charged with a criminal offense. As difficult as this may be, you do not need to panic. There are many steps in between being arrested for a crime and being found guilty of a crime, and once you’ve been charged the first thing you should do is find an attorney and start planning your strategy.

Why clients choose Attorney Paul Previte:

At the Law Office of Paul Previte, clients work with an experienced Fort Worth criminal defense attorney. Paul spent several years as the chief prosecutor for 16 cities in North Texas, giving him unique insight into the methodologies used by district attorneys to prosecute defendants. This knowledge allows him to put his clients on an equal playing field with the prosecution. You have several rights as a criminal defendant, and by working with a skilled attorney you can use all of them to your advantage.

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An Arrest is Not a Verdict

It does not matter how much evidence the police say they have, or how strongly the prosecution pressures you into pleading guilty, you can and should consult with an attorney before saying anything. In criminal law, the outcome goes beyond a simple “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict. Chances are, if you were charged with one crime you were also charged with several smaller, accompanying crimes, or you may have been labeled with a severe charge that is far beyond what you were actually accused of. While clearing all charges is the ultimate goal, one of the first things you and your attorney can do is dismiss as many of these extraneous charges as possible before the trial even begins.

Regardless of how solid the case against you may seem, there are always angles that should be investigated to defend your rights:

  • Did the police officer read your Miranda Rights at the time of the arrest?
  • Was there reasonable cause for the police to pull you over if they suspected you were drinking and driving?
  • Did you cooperate with the police during the arrest? Were you treated fairly by the arresting officers?
  • How was the evidence against you collected and is there any direct correlation between you and this evidence?
  • Were there any witnesses to the alleged crime and what is there take on the situation?

In American law enforcement, the district attorney and police force are under pressure to meet certain statistics every year. This works to the detriment of anyone arrested for a crime as it leads to law enforcement officials slapping on as many charges as possible in order to meet their quota. For instance, if you were caught spraying graffiti and arrested for vandalism, a police officer may try to charge you with obstruction of justice if you attempt to resist them in anyway. Obstruction is a serious criminal offense and it can be very easy for overzealous law enforcement to misinterpret innocent actions as obstruction when they are eager to improve stats.

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At Law Office of Paul Previte, you get exactly what you pay for. Our experienced Fort Worth criminal defense lawyer works directly with all clients. Your case will never be passed down to a paralegal or case manager, whenever you need to speak with your attorney you can expect to talk directly to Paul. Our team will do everything in its power to build the best defense possible.

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